Honorary member:

Reunion Wielbergen October 6, 2007.
Jan de Vries (January 04, 1925 - October 04, 2012) receives the honorary membership of the Foundation, with ornaments to match, and a bottle of Callenbach-Meerburg wine, from the hands of members of the Board.


Jan ( / has played an important role since the start of the foundation. Amongst other things he has been part of creating the mission statement, he was involved in creating the regulations, the notation of the genealogy and giving advice in several areas.

Former honorary members:

W.G.J. (Willem) Callenbach. (June 13 1913 - April 26 2005)

Willem was the composer of the genealogy of our family.
He has presented and received the registration of the family coat of arms to the 'Central Bureau for Genealogy' - CBG, the Dutch information and documentation center for genealogy, family history and related sciences - in The Hague in 1984, was author of the "De Profeet van de Veluwe" ('The Prophet of the Velue"), 1984 and "De keursteen" ("The touchstone", outline of life of rev.C.C. Callenbach), 1988.
Furthermore he was founder of the Foundation Callenbach - Meerburg.