Februari 19, 2011
Rutger Callenbach ( sent the information below:

Printing house Callenbach retains its royal title.

Nijkerk – The Royal Printing House C.C. Callenbach in Nijkerk has been allowed to retain the
title ‘royal’ for the next 25 years. This has been decided by Queen Beatrix.

The printing house has had the designation ‘royal’ since 1950. Every 25 years a company is once
again reviewed by the Queen to determine whether it meets the requirements belonging to the title.
Along with Bijvank Schoenmode, a purveyor to the royal household, Printing House Callenbach is
the only enterprise in Nijkerk with a royal title. 

The designation ‘royal’ is only granted to associations or enterprises that have been in existence for
at least 100 years and then only on the occasion of the special anniversary. A strict assessment takes
place before the title is granted. Along with its economic situation, the enterprise or association’s
history is also taken into account.


March 12, 2010
Hanneke de Zwaan-van Beest (, member of the editorial staff of our family magazine ‘The Prophet of the Veluwe’,
drew attention to the website of the ‘Foundation The Flevowand’ in Biddinghuizen where they are busy with embroidering
a 60 meters long tapestry, representing the history of the former area of the Zuiderzee.
Hanneke is the secretary of this foundation and is also involved in making design drawings for the tapestry.
For more information go to:  (English version under construction)

Rutger Callenbach ( drew attention to some videos on YouTube about, among other things:
Ernest Callenbach (, author ECOTOPIA, Carel Callenbach (, managing director INGREPRO
and the Double-exposition Callenbach / W.G. van de Hulst.

ECOTOPIA author Ernest Callenbach talks about the signs
of the influence his 1975 visionary novel has had at home
and abroad, his thoughts on social change, and the urgency
he sees of making the inevitable transition to clean, renewable
energy sources or - the alternative - a plunge into chaos.
Ernest Callenbach (ECOTOPIA, 1975) and Harvey Wasserman (SOLARTOPIA, 2007) discuss the role of the visionary novelist in opening public discourse to 'outside the box' possibiltiies. They look at the many elements of Callenbach's Ecotopian vision have actually come into being (and some that haven't yet) and explore the catalytic power of realistic hope to shape the present and the future. They agree the time has come to democratically enlarge our vision of sustainable society from local, national and regional spheres to the planetary context. 
Novel has real-world parallels.
More videos about Ernest Callenbach you can find on the website of YouTube:
Search for: Ernest Callenbach.
See also the website of Ernest Callenbach:

Algae bio-technology company INGREPRO, Borculo, The Netherlands.
How algae transform waste water into valuable materials.

Waste water of houses and agriculture contains nitrogen and phosphate. Algae producer Ingrepro in Borculo, The Netherlands, locally transform these nutrients into algae. Ingrepro grows algae in so-called photobio reactors and in open ponds, 'the raceways'. The green material can then be used in pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics and nutriens.

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Double-exposition Callenbach / W.G. van de Hulst in Nijkerk.

First in museum Oud Nijkerk and then in the library: two openings of expositions on Saturday March 14, 2009. The first one about the printing office/publishing company Callenbach and the other about one of the most important authors of this publishing company: W.G. van de Hulst.
Both expositions ended on August 29, 2009.

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