President and treasurer: Mrs. A.C.W. Callenbach. E-mail to the president? Click here.
  Account number: NL08 INGB 0000 2262 74  
  to the credit of  Stichting Callenbach-Meerburg.  
Secretary: Mrs. P.M.C Tijink-Callenbach. E-mail to the secretary? Click here.
Remaining functions:
Archives & Library: Mr. G.F. Callenbach. E-mail to the archives & library? Click here.
Genealogy: Mr. S. de Jeu. E-mail to the genealogy? Click here.
Webmaster: Mr. S. de Jeu. E-mail to the webmaster? Click here.
A lot of documentatie is also administrated by Stichting Oud Nijkerk and the Municipal Archives of Nijkerk.