Lady HD van der Burgh van Spieringshoek.

The following story was first published in the “Nijkerksche Courant” of 4th March 1873. This item was carefully preserved by Mrs DRC (Dreum) Hana. Lady van der Burgh van Spieringshoek was one of the founders of the first school in Nijkerkerveen¹. She was also a close friend of the spiritual leader, the Rev CC Callenbach.

Local News.
Nijkerk 3 March 1873.
The funeral of the Right Honourable Lady HD van der Burgh van Spieringshoek, who died on 21st February at her house “Schoonenberg” in Velp, attracted significant attention from the population of Nijkerk, when her remains were put to rest in the family grave in this town.
Not only was the departed known for her charitable contributions during the many years that she lived in this town, but many institutions and needy people still profited from her favours in the later years.
She has given further clear proof of her unrestricted generosity by the legacies to institutions both her and in other places, in her last Will and Testament.
As a result of information received from reliable sources, we are able to advise that she has made the following legacies, free from death duties and taxes.
f 8,000 to the diaconate of the Reformed Church in Nijkerk.
f 2,000 to the Old Peoples Home run by the “Reformed Inheritors” of Nijkerk.
f 1,000² to the welfare for the poor of the local Jewish Community.
f 10,000 to the school in Nijkerkerveen.
f 4,000 to the above school under the proviso that the interest earned will be used to provide proper clothing for students of the school and the support of the sick and nursing mothers. The management of these funds is to be undertaken by the spouses of Messrs CC Callenbach, GF Callenbach and J van Noort.
f 1,000 to the Union for Local Evangelism by way of negating the debenture in the name of that organisation.
f 4,000 to the Diaconate of the Reformed Church in Velp.
f 1,000 to the “Separated” Reformed community in the same town.
f 2,000 to the church and school managed by Mr van Maasdijk in Brussel.
f 2,000 to the Board of Missions in Utrecht.
f 2,000 to the Board of Missions in Rotterdam.
f 2,000 to the Missions Union of Zeijst.
f 2,000 to the National Society for Christian Education.
f 2,000 to the school for neglected children in Amsterdam as managed by Mr Feringa
f 2,000 to the institution run by Mr van ‘t Lindenhout in Nijmegen.
f 2,000 to Messrs CC and GF Callenbach, who shall use the interest of that money to support needy families in Nijkerk.
f 2,000 to the Union of local Missions in Schiedam.
f 2,000 to the Diaconate Hospital in Utrecht.
f 10,000 to the board of the special school for National Christian Education in Velp.
f 2,000 to the church of the Separated Christian Reformed Community in Velp.
It appears that in addition to the above several significant legacies have been left to individuals.
We hope to be able to give further details about such legacies bequeathed by the recently departed member of this community.

The above has appeared in the family magazine “The Prophet of the Velue” No 41 in February 1995

¹ Nijkerkerveen is a tiny village close to Nijkerk. The “veen” in the name refers to a peat bog.
² It is estimated that 1,000 Dutch guilders in 1873 would be close to a year’s wages for a labourer, so the  f 63,000 doled out here is a considerable sum.