The Grandfather Clock
By Kees Callenbach (

Sometime ago Steven de Jeu had some correspondence with Frans de Wolff. Frans is related to the Ophorst family. This family features prominently in the Callenbach Meerburg family tree as two Ophorts girls married two Callenbach boys. The Grandfather clock, now in my possession, was sometimes referred to, by my father, as the Bolle Clock. With the help of the information provided by Frans I have been able to reconstruct a plausible history for the clock.

The Grandfather Clock
The Grandfather clock was sometimes referred in the family as the "Bolle Clock" Here follows what would seem to be the likely history of the clock.

It appears that the clock came into the family via an Adriaan Boll who lived from 1756 to 1825. He was a notary public which would have put him among the notables of his time. He was married to Constantia Maria (Stans) Palm (1764 1832) We know she was born on Sumatra (Indonesia) and her father was also a man of some means as he left "many" jewels to his three surviving children.

Adriaan and Constantia are presumed to be the ones who acquired the clock because they had the wealth to buy it and they lived at the right time. The movement of the clock was made in England by a John Smith. John Smith worked in London from 1790 to 1804. The case was made in the Netherlands.

(If the clock had had a movement made in the Netherlands it would have increased its value considerably. Enquiries with antique dealers in the Netherlands showed a decided lack of interest in a clock with an English movement.)

Adriaan and Stans had four children, viz:
Adriaan                                         1795 - 1825
Anna Cornelia Jacoba                 1797 - 1874 (It would seem that Anna inherits the clock.)
Valerius Geertruida Adringa    1798 - 1878
Dina Roelanda Constantina       1801 - 1869

Anna Cornelia Jacoba marries Jacobus Richard Ophorst 1801 - 1843
They have eight children, viz:
Johannes Adriaan                        1826 - 1882
Govert                                           1827 - 1866
Constantia Maria (Stans)            1828 - 1922
Johanna (Antje)                            1830 - 1891 (Johanna inherits the clock.)
Dina Roelanda Constantia         1832 - 1901
Adriaan                                         1833 - 1901
Twin boys who lived less then three weeks.

    Two Ophorst girls married two Callenbach boys, viz:
    Johanna (Antje) marries Cornelis Carel (Corneel) Callenbach (1) and
    Dina Roelanda Constantia marries George Frans Callenbach (3)

Corneel and Johanna had three children, viz:
Catharina Maria                            1859 - 1924
Anna Cornelia Jacoba                  1861 - 1927
Cornelis Carel (Kees)(1.3)           1865 - 1942 (Cornelis Carel
inherits the clock.)

Cornelis Carel marries Jacoba Jeanette (Koosje) Spruijt 1867 - 1918
They had six children, viz:
Johanna                                           1894 - 1992
Frederika Johanna                         1895 - 1896
Cornelis Carel                                1897 - 1902
Frederik Johannes                         1898 - 1964 (Frits
inherits the clock.)
Frederika Maria                             1901 - 1917
Cornelis Carel                                1902 - 1962

Frits marries Paula Maas 1906 - 1946, they have three children, viz:
Julia Helena (Juut)                        1936
Cornelis Carel (Kees)                   1938 (Kees
inherits the clock.)
Elisabeth Irene (Lisa)                   1942

(This story has also been published in the family publication; "The Prophet of the Velue" No 77, in the spring of 2008.)