Festive Reopening of the Callenbach Printing Works.
Source: The magazine “The Town Nijkerk” January 2005.

The Royal Printing Works CC Callenbach Pty Ltd, an institution in Nijkerk for more than 125 years, was reopened with festivities on 21st January 2005 by way of an open day. After having been in the same premises in Gildes Street for over ten years, renovations were necessary. Many interested people wanted to find out what type of metamorphosis the buildings had undergone. Particularly the warehouse had been renovated. New paving and flag poles emphasised the renovations in front of the building.

At 3.00 pm a worthy entertainment program commenced. Mayor Vries was invited to reopen the business in a novel way by walking through a paper wall into the new hall. The next speaker was Ruud Spruit, who first related stories about Callenbach but then told us about the Callenbach Fund and World Vision. He told us some lovely anecdotes about children in general. It was clear to everyone that this reopening of Callenbach would centre around children and assistance for children.

Ruud Spruit is an organiser, a story teller par excellence as well as curator of the Museum of Western Friesland in Hoorn. Besides having written numerous articles for magazines both at home and abroad, he had published 35 books that deal with the culture and history of the Netherlands and its erstwhile colonies. His comical stories kept his audience spellbound. He very cleverly sketched the similarities between current events and the past. Subsequently he organised an auction of paintings from school children in Uganda. This project has been supported by the Callenbach Printing Works for many years and part of the proceeds of the auction will also go to this charity. Some of the funds raised will go to the victims in Asia.

It was not only the customers and the suppliers, who were introduced to the metamorphosis. Callenbach had also planned some festivities for the staff and their families. The next day, on Saturday 22nd January, more than one hundred people were present to have a look at the printing works and the presses. They were able to see the machines working.
Callenbach employs 33 people. The management of the Royal Printing Works CC Callenbach Pty Ltd advised that the festivities around the reopening have met with expectations.

Previously published in the family magazine “The Prophet of the Velue” No 71 in early 2005.